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Scenic Spots Introduction

Chimei Museum

Chimei Museum collects masterpieces of Western art, giving visitors a more in-depth understanding of Western art.

Chihkan Tower

A gorgeous fort with double eaves and Xieshan roof. It used to be called Fort Provintia.

Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple

This is the only one Martial Temple in Taiwan with sacrificial rites worshiping Guan gong, or it so-called 'Great Emperor Guan Temple.'

Tainan Confucius Temple

Tainan Confucius Temple is the first in Taiwan memorizes Confucius. One of the most important commemorative rituals to be done during the Confucius Cultural Festival held in the Teacher's Day is celebrating Confucius' birthday. There are 38 things needed to be done before completing the ritual.

Hayashi Department Store

The restoration of Hayashi Department Store was completed in 2013. After 81 years, Hayashi Department Store will welcome a renaissance as Tainan Cultural Creative Department Store, becoming a window towards a New Modern Age in Tainan, and telling new stories of a newborn sprout of spring. So the New Life Movement has begun in Tainan.

Old Tainan Forest Office

The Office built in 1925 locates in today's Travel Service Center of Confucius Historical Area. When Taiwan was under Japanese Rule, the office was established of the forestry department. There are two tall Monkey Tail Trees outside the office building planted in 1951.

Fu-Chung Street

Fu-Chung Street (the special street in Tainan City)-It’s also known as the Coral-Tree Street. When you walk in the street, you will find so many hand-made booths, the special restaurants and stores. There’s a lot of fun in the Fu-Chung Street!

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